Friday, November 15, 2013

Taste Enclave,Avenue K.

Avenue K, an uprising mall located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
Avenue K has been revitalised with redesigned interior as well as new shops in it such as H&M,Cotton On,Daiso,The Loaf, Swensens, MISO, MUJI, Taste Enclave and lots more.
As for those who still don't know about it,ya,it's just opposite KLCC and its very convenient to get there whether by bus or lrt. An one stop shopping centre for all Malaysian's.
I'm really glad to have the opportunity to accompany my bestie to attend the opening of Taste Enclave.
Thanks to Taste Enclave to for giving us a memorable night as well too.
So, What is Taste Enclave?
Taste Enclave is a food court located in avenue K.
It is found by a Singaporean founder and its interior design is all designed Eco-friendly.
Customers will enjoy their meal under a greenery escape rather than having their meal in a pick and pack food court.
For me,I won't describe it as a food court, as it really is comfortable compared to most the food court I been through.
The lightings, the designs and the atmosphere really brings one to a fine dining place rather than a food court.
There's about 14 stalls and some small unique cuisine restaurants located in the food court.
With great designs, you will totaly enjoy the experience of having food in Taste Enclave.
Food Variety comes from all kinds of cuisine.
You can name what you crave for.. from Malaysian Cuisine to Vietnamese Cuisine.
And also do you ever see a stall selling only beers in the food court?
While in Taste Enclave there is one there!
For two girls that night, the food portion we took was really SUPERB! :)
But thankfully we managed to finished all and was still craving for Teppanyaki and also dessert as well.
Scary appetite huh?! haha:) That's the real us,girl power!
 Teppanyaki-Dory fish.
Sizzled and seasoned well and stir fried cabbage and bean sprouts.
 One of my favourite dishes of all time
Vietnamese roll.
Crunchiness and crispiness of the skin wrap with vermicili and assorted vegetables.
Dip in Vietnamese sweet and sour sauce,perfectly match.
Its so delicious and tasty till we took at least four plates of this.
Really a mouth watering appetizer.
I really don't mind having it daily as my breakfast.
 Fried Hokkien Mee.
 Assorted Sushi
 Claypot Chicken Rice
 Fried pork slices.
 Our favourite-CHICKEN RICE.
The taste of the chicken with the fragrent rice.
 They also provide vegeterian stalls for vegeterian eaters.
 Beef noodles.
Crispy crunchy pork slices.
Finished all by my own.
Cause I do really love the crispy outer skin.
As for dessert,Malaysian Local Favourite of course-Ais Kacang :)
But seriously, the ice cream or gelato. Have no idea what was the flavour was was really my kind of choice!
I ate 2 cups of it after galloping all those food. Incredible! haha, as people say that we women have to stomach one for food and the other one reserved for desserts.
Other than that, in order to welcome all the guest, they gave us door gifts.
Really been pampered throughly all night.
All pictures taken by my besties camera. 
Really thanked her to max for bringing me makan sini dan sana! 
Both food lovers!! Hahaha:)
Camwhore in the car, what girls do best.
 Random shots that day.
Love taking Ugly and Silly pictures with her.
The more the merrier.
There's also a photobooth session there.
Finally get to try!!
So excited when we both saw the photobooth machine.
 Friendship like this
Love the third picture! :)
Lastly outfit of the day,thanks to her. A great applause too.
Changing me into a femine again! haha.
With a touch of simple eyeline. Easy to remove to lah weih!! Memang Maybeline the best!
Wearing heels really makes my leg sore.
So guys should really pamper girls.
Hahahaha,just Kidding!
Prefer sneakers and pumps more! Hahaha.
For more details or enquires,
just feel free to drop by
Taste Enclave

That's all for today,enjoy reading:)

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